The Whitening Process

Brilliant Smile is a fun & easy self-administered Teeth Whitening procedure which includes a Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Kit & the use of a powerful professional LED lamp / booster session which accelerates the whitening process that is exclusively available at Brilliant Smile Bars. This easy self-administered procedure can make your teeth whiter by 2 to 8 shades.

Inside the Kit:

  • 2x 5ml Non-Peroxide Whitening Gel Syringes
  • 1x 4ml Non-Peroxide Whitening Gel Pen (to use at home after your Booster Whitening session to achieve optimal whitening results)
  • 1x Double Sided Mouth Tray
  • 1x Blue Bib
  • 2x Oral Brush-up 
  • 1x Cheek re-tractor (to make at home application of whitening gel easier) 

The Booster Whitening Session at a Smile Bar consists of:

One whitening gel application and 15-30 minutes under the provided professional LED lamp which accelerates the whitening process, a short break & rinse and then another fresh whitening gel application and another 15-30 minutes under the professional LED lamp.

      Get your New Smile in 6 easy steps: 

      1. Book a teeth whitening kit & booster session at a Smile Bar nearest to you
      2. Determine your initial shade on the provided Professional Teeth Shader
      3. Application of Peroxide Free Whitening Gel
      4. Sit comfortably in the chair
      5. Relax under the provided professional LED laser light which accelerates the Whitening process
      6. Compare your new shade on the Teeth Shader & enjoy your new smile!

        It's that easy!